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The Real Truth About Travel Vouchers

Most travel vouchers advertised online require your customer to attend a mandatory timeshare presentation and are difficult to use. Known in our industry as Breakage certs, they discourage the person who is attempting to redeem them saying "the date or dates they have selected are not available."

Many have undisclosed fees and offer budget type accommodations. The saying goes “the lower you pay, the less your customer will stay.” Our travel vouchers will never puzzle you. They are easy to understand and use. Both email and phone calls are managed by our well known and respected Customer Care Team.

Our company prides itself on offering fine quality travel incentives from the most respected names in the industry. The standards that we set are the reason why we have received zero complaints in over 25 years. We challenge anyone

in our industry to make this claim too. Google their reviews and make an informative decision for both you and your customers.

Recognized by New York Sports Scene Magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper as 2018 Family Business Of The Year for Product Excellence and 2019 Family Business Of The Year for Service Excellence says it all.

How Do Travel Vouchers Help The Hospitality Industry?

Hotels, cruise ship lines, and airlines and resorts have one thing in common. They rely on occupancy to turn a profit.


Hotels will release rooms based on their occupancy level with the anticipation that those who receive a complimentary hotel voucher will:

  • rent a movie

  • have breakfast

  • book an additional night

  • share their experience on all social media platforms

Al l of which can increase their reservation revenue. Since they only pay a nominal room tax of $25.00 per night, they have more money to spend on hotel amenities, food , beverage.


Cruse ships release cabin space in hope of increasing passenger spending. Those who receive a complimentary cruise for two voucher pay only a fraction of the retail cost.

Since they are only responsible for port fees and taxes from $66- $177(3-5 Day Cruise) per person they will purchase more on board duty free products and enjoy more social activities including gambling, art auction, excursions, etc. More cabins equal more profit. They too look for social media reviews.


All domestic airlines fill their seats based on departure time and destination. They have the same expense if their flight is full or not. Statistics say most travelers will fly repeatedly with the same airline.

In the late 1980’s funding was made available to resorts primarily in the Caribbean and Mexico in an effort to increase tourism. Today these resorts compete in an effort to capture the imagination and emotion of the American and Canadian traveler. This lead to competition among brands which became impacted by the economy. Realizing they have fixed operation costs and a significant labor pool, many decided to release their unsold vacation weeks to those who received a one week luxury accommodations voucher.

The resort receives $279 (which covers accommodations for up to six persons) and in exchange has the opportunity for food, beverage, spa, golf, casino spending, etc.

They also rely on social media posts, check-ins, and reviews.

As they say in the industry , “ Happy faces bring our guests to more of our places.”

Learn more about how travel vouchers can increase business. Give away a trip with a big purchase.

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