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Timeshare Resorts &
Travel Club Gifts

Travel Club, Timeshare Call Centers around the World contact people in hopes to have them attend a timeshare or travel club presentation offering them a travel certificate. We have been successful in this new marketplace and will continue to increase our brand awareness.

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Your Choice Rewards 
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Testimonials from Happy Customers

Karl in just 3 days we sold $150,000 of our memberships due in great part to your awesome incentives. In over 20 years these are beyond anything that we have offered- Joshua, Travel Club Owner


In over 30 years of being in the timeshare industry, I have never seen travel and gift certificates like yours. My clients report that these deliver tours like nothing they have ever seen - Ken Ferris, Tour Call Centers


It is so refreshing to see certificates that are clean, work, and have no hoops and ladders. Combined with your superior customer service you have the winning combination to be a formidable force in our industry. I thank you for that- Marty Kandel, Chief Revenue Officer Platinum Hospitality Group d/b/a Quintess Collection 


As past Chairman of ARRDA, I commend you on your brilliant approach to our community. You brought your knowledge of the travel certificate world and 35 years of  b2b encapsulating it delivering a much-needed product that has quality, integrity, and genuinely cares about people. It is my distinct honor of knowing you and your deep dedication to my beloved industry - Tony Genth 

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